From Renting to Buying a Home
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Published on August 19, 2022

From Renting to Buying a Home

Have you been renting and thinking about buying a home? The benefits of owning a home go beyond having something to call your own! Typically considered one of the safest investments a person can make, there are several other benefits of homeownership. If you’re feeling financially secure, the time to act is now.

Renting vs. Owning

In at least 50 cities in the United States and Canada, it is cheaper to buy than rent. Before we dive in, take a look at what happens when people rent instead of own.

Paying landlord’s mortgage,making them richer.Increasing your own wealth.
Monthly payment is subjectto increase year-to-year.A fixed mortgage keeps yourmonthly payment constant.
Constant payment thatnever goes away.In the United States, pre-pay-ing parts of your mortgage can reduce your debt.
The space belongs tosomeone else.Your own space to customizeand design however you want.
At the will of your landlordfor changes or updates.You are your own landlord!

Homeownership and Your Dreams

75% of non-homeowners in the United States consider buying a home to be part of their American dream, and they plan to jump in eventually.

Homeownership Provides…

A Place to Call Your Own

Your home creates a sense of security and belonging in your community, knowing that you have a piece of the neighborhood that’s all yours.

A Reminder of Your Achievements

Whenever you walk through the front door, you are reminded of the effort that went into obtaining that home in the first place and achieving that goal.

Homeownership and Your Wealth

Get into the market to get into increased wealth over time!

Financial Benefits of Homeownership:

Grow Your Personal Fortune: The average homeowner has 44 times the net worth of a renter. Owning your home boosts your own worth and lets you accumulate more wealth over time.

Get More Tax Benefits: You can write-off mortgage interest and property taxes in most cases, saving you money come tax time.

Secure an Investment That Isn’t Going Anywhere: Whether you fix it up, rent it out or re-sell it, real estate’s value tends to increase the longer you have it, and are often less volatile than stock investments.

Homeownership and Your Family

Not only does homeownership benefit you, but it also impacts the world around you!

Creates Stronger Families: When you have a home base that’s all yours, studies show that emotional stability increases among family members.

Kids Perform Better in School: Children raised in a home that’s owned by the family find more success in math and reading and have fewer behavioral problems.

Stronger Sense of Community: People who own homes are more active in their community, doing more to ensure that their property remains in a neighborhood that is supportive, safe and beautiful.

Homeownership: A Smart Decision

The magic of homeownership affects your dreams, wealth and family life. Investing in a home is a smart decision for anyone looking to increase their net worth and become more active in their community.

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