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Top Ways to Save Money on a Home Purchase

Purchasing a home in California is expensive! If you want to save money on your home purchase, follow these simple steps that can save you thousands of dollars. Improve Your Credit Score to Save Money Borrowers with higher credit scores tend to save money by receiving lower interest rates because they are considered less of […]

Mortgage Buydowns Popular in Changing Market

There’s no doubt about it, the real estate market is changing from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, where the home purchaser has the advantage in price negotiations. But sellers have a tool they can use to avoid price reductions: mortgage buydowns. What is a mortgage buydown? A mortgage buydown is an option for […]

From Renting to Buying a Home

Have you been renting and thinking about buying a home? The benefits of owning a home go beyond having something to call your own! Typically considered one of the safest investments a person can make, there are several other benefits of homeownership. If you’re feeling financially secure, the time to act is now. Renting vs. […]